First, WCW… Now, Sting saves WWE from the Authority

What an ending, the rumors were true (finally). Sting, the Franchise – the Icon, officially made his WWE debut last night at Survivor Series. And, for as awesome a moment it was – I couldn’t speak during or for about 5 minutes after Survivor Series went off the air.

It was the perfect setting – the perfect time, Triple H and the Authority running roughshod over the main event and seemingly nobody in sight to stop the inevitable. At 10:50 PM I tweeted out “I hear voices in my head…” followed by the punch “they’re telling me the WWE trolled us, again” in regards to a Sting debut. It was also a slight bit of anticipation of Randy Orton returning in his hometown to save Team Cena.

So as the inevitable played out and Triple H pedigreed Dolph Ziggler through the mat, it was now or never for a regime change. Triple H proceeded to roll Seth Rollins on top of Ziggler and called for a ref to come out and count the 1-2-3. Cue Scott Armstrong.

Sliding under the bottom rope, Armstrong got in to position as Triple H rolled up he sleeves.


And then I noticed something … The most awkward coil up of an officials arm. It was almost as if Armstrong’s arm was being held back by gravity. “OH SHIT!” I exclaimed… And then the sound of a lightning strike with thunder and a crow’s cry.

I jumped out of my chair and a half, clutching my phone as I proceeded to tweet… “#StingWatch ahahahahhdjfkfjfjrffndksldkfkfjdjdj wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!”

THE MOMENT I HAD WAITED FOR WAS NOW. Realizing it, the anticipation I had for Sting for years, especially this Survivor Series Sunday, my wife said “just enjoy it” – knowing I would likely be live tweeting it. But even with her thoughts, I wouldn’t have tweeted… I couldn’t tweet. I was frozen. I was in awe. I was reliving my youth – from the 1990 Great American Bash, Super Brawl 1991, Starrcade 1992, Beach Blast 1992, Starrcade 1997… All the matches with Ric Flair, Vader, Ric Rude, Muta, Cactus Jack, and even Hulk Hogan, ran through my mind… AND THEN –

I blinked, and then – he appeared.

For starters, the horror-movie music was a great touch. Part of me wanted his old “Turbo Charged” theme to blast the arena and out would come sting with bleach-blonde hair, but the other part of me said ‘this is right.’

As the cameras got up in his face, followed by a great zoom out – I then began to hear Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL commentate this moment. This was mistake number one, and it was a big one.

Aside from Jim Ross, there should have been no one speaking as Sting made his way to the ring. This should have been a moment to listen to the music, the crowd reaction, and the visual excellence which the production of the moment was. All I would have liked to have seen added would have been smoke or fog rising as he walked through to the ring.

Back to the trio of announcers.

Cole: “Oh my God.”
Lawler: “What?”
Cole: “It’s Sting!”
Lawler: “What!?”
Cole: “Stinger’s here!”

And then, ruining the moment, JBL proceeds to give us a Wikipedia rundown of Sting’s accomplishments.

JBL: “A six-time WCW champion. The two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The Icon, the Franchise.”

Lawler: “But what the hell is he doing here?”
Cole: “The man who’s never stepped foot inside WWE’s arena before.”
JBL: “Well what a hell of an impact he’s made the first time he did. Hoah, God.”
Cole: “But why is Stinger here?”
JBL: “It’s none of his damn business I’ll tell ya.”
Cole: “This is incredible.”

As I watched back more than 2 dozen times already I am more and more troubled by the announcers involvement in the entrance and spectacle of Sting’s debut. Not so much Cole and Lawler (since King couldn’t get a word in), more so JBL.

This was supposed to be a ‘surprise’ moment. A ‘saving’ moment for the WWE against the Authority. Cole set it all up perfectly. He gave us the WOW, Lawler gave us the SHOCK, and then JBL gives us… a resume! As great a wrestler and as storied a history Sting has had, why would it be natural for JBL to tell us his career accomplishments? Then, the next time JBL speaks he says “Well what a hell of an impact he’s made the first time he did.” He hadn’t yet made any impact. He made an appearance. And then after Cole asked why Stinger was here (which I am totally thankful for every time he is referred to as STINGER, since it is his proper character name) JBL bloats out “It’s none of his damn business I’ll tell ya.”

Did JBL know what Sting was doing? Did he know his intentions? How could he speak to Sting’s business when the man literally just appeared less than thirty-seconds prior? Had JBL stayed silent or been muted the commentary would have been.

Cole: “Oh my God.”
Lawler: “What?”
Cole: “It’s Sting!”
Lawler: “What!?”
Cole: “Stinger’s here!”
Lawler: “But what the hell is he doing here?”
Cole: “The man who’s never stepped foot inside WWE’s arena before. But why is Stinger here? This is incredible!”

I am sorry, but JBL took away from the moment for me. But moving on…

Sting approaches the ring and Armstrong comes out to confront him for some reason, not sure why. Immediately, any doubt as to what Sting’s intentions were were erased. If Triple H sent Armstrong to encounter Sting, then Triple H knew he was the intended target.

Sting gets in the ring. Hunter looks unsure of the situation, yet stern in staring in Sting’s eyes. NEITHER BLINKED as the crowd chanted “Holy Shit!” I didn’t chant, I was still speechless, taking in the moment. Everything was surreal. Trench coat, face paint, black and white ring gear – everything was how I remembered it… but then, I blinked. And I blinked again. And again.

This was the first shadow of doubt I ever had with Sting’s WWE debut. My first question – “Is this going to hurt his legacy?” “Does this feel right?” And I asked myself this because it was the first time I saw Sting as a 55 year-old man, in the ring. This WASN’T the Stinger from Starrcade 1997. There was no flowing black curly hair, no youthful face under the paint. Every part of the gimmick was great, but the man playing the part wasn’t who I remembered.

Sure, we all see our hair recede at some point, but I couldn’t get away from this fact with Steve Borden, the man. As I began to pry the doubt away from my mind, Sting then rotated his back to the hard camera only to reveal a very thinning scalp and hair line on top.

The doubt returned… “Is this best for Sting? Is it worth it?”

As the stare down proceeded with NO SOUND from the announce team, I began envisioning the next action sequence… And it began with Triple H clearly questioning “WHAT” Sting was doing, not kindly to say the least (I am sure you can read lips). After a brief acknowledgement from Sting, Triple H pulled back looking to unload on Sting, who ducked the punch – gave a fierce kick to the gut and a seemingly atomic Scorpion Death Drop!

As Sting shot up, he adjusted his coat to the right side on his left knee – got up and rolled Ziggler on top of Rollins. He proceeded to walk past a downed Triple H, through the ropes, and out of the ring as the ref magically appears after being out for 10 minutes to make the 1-2-3 count signifying the end of the Authority!

So, how do I truly feel? How did I truly react?

I felt an adrenaline rush. I felt weightless as I stood in front of my TV, neglect to any of my surroundings. It wasn’t too much, and it wasn’t too little – as far as the spot, it was just right (aside from JBL). Sting didn’t speak words, rather actions. It was the culmination of what Vince said would be a historic Survivor Series at the beginning of the night.

For as happy as I am that Sting has stepped foot in a WWE ring, I am thrown a bit, and only a bit in my thoughts by the fact that it is a 55 year-old version of the man. A month shy of 17 years ago at Starrcade 1997 is the ‘Crow’ Sting I want to remember. I am sure these thoughts of doubt will pass the more I see Sting’s WWE run play out, but I never thought I would DOUBT this moment. And, for a few seconds I did and, might still be.

So where do we go from here? Does Vince kick off Raw tonight and introduce a new authority figure(s)? Does he bring out Sting? Does he reference Sting? Does Sting start the show? Does Cena start the show? Do we see Triple H and Stephanie at all?

The most important question – Does this lead to Sting vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 31? For all the talk about Sting vs. Undertaker – and even Triple H vs. The Rock, is this the match-up we will see in 4 months? If so, I am fine with it – ONLY if Sting wins.

I think this is truly the best option for Sting. He and the Undertaker wouldn’t be as athletic as Sting and Triple H. Sting and Bray Wyatt wouldn’t make sense from a historical standpoint. But the power of Vince McMahon on two fronts – overseeing HIS company and FINALLY signing Sting, makes this match-up much more enticing. I think Triple H can pick Sting up on the big stage and, Sting himself will seize the moment.

I have so many more thoughts on last night and I will join @JustinLaBar on Wrestling Reality – heard of SportsTalk TribLive Radio tomorrow at 2:00PM – SportsTalk.TribLive.Com




WWE Drops the ‘Bat’ with Sting DVD

The WWE had the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Sting to the WWE fan base, 21-45, while also having an even better opportunity to introduce Sting to the young WWE fans who may have never seen, let alone heard of the Stinger.  This face painted ‘Little Stinger’ was letdown.  I was let down more than the little Hulkamanics were at Bash at the Beach 1996… and that was historic.

The Best of Sting – 3 disc DVD was nothing more than a quick money making venture for the WWE off of the Sting trademark.  Hell, you know you were in for a fraud when Jeff Farmer, aka the NWO Sting, was on the back cover.  Surely the WWE production team didn’t think it was great marketing to place a phony on the back cover of the real thing!  And they didn’t think it- matter of fact, the obviously didn’t care to think or proof the DVD cover to cover.

Aside from Disc 1, the DVD was nothing more than a collaboration of matches that can be viewed on the WWE Network – for only $9.99.  I paid $21 to get this “exclusive” DVD with special footage, etc.  I very much enjoyed the early days of Sting.  Matches from the mid to late 80’s, but then I received a Rude Awakening when nothing more than a few WCW Saturday Night and Nitro matches were on discs 2 and 3.

The biggest transformation of character in professional wrestling history was barely covered.  I wanted behind the scenes footage of Sting preparing to take on the NWO, I wanted the story behind the character change, I wanted to know why the Starrcade 97 main event was an absolute let down.  Sure, I know – Sting came in 10 pounds overweight and pale – but that had nothing to do with his performance in the match.  It had nothing to do with the booking of the match.  It had everything to do with Hulk Hogan being in control of ever aspect of WCW.

I did realize after watching that the NWO Wolfpac version of Sting was very cool and, could have been even better.  He came out of his “Crow” shell – he talked trash and was even ” a little cocky!”  I don’t know what I am reaching for at the end of the day but, I do know I will be reaching for my receipt to return the DVD ASAP!  Someone call me when the REAL Biography of STING is released by the WWE.  I wanted MORE interviews and insight from Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Vader, Mick Foley, Steve Austin AND, the man called STING himself.  Giving me Sting interviews from 95 and 98 was a joke.  If the WWE is going to parade Sting around right now at Summerslam, do yourselves a favor and interview him for his own ‘BEST OF’ DVD!

If you have purchased the DVD, what are your thoughts?  If you haven’t, DON’T!  You can save $11 by paying $9.99 for the WWE network.  You can also go to YouTube and pull that matches that are on the DVD.  If this were the rotten tomatoes movie review, the Sting DVD would get a 3 of 10… with no Bret Hart restart for a fast – slow, Nick Patrick count!

Disclaimer – I didn’t proofread this post – then again, I don’t think it matters- since the WWE surely didn’t proof the Sting DVD!



2014 NFL Predictions

Unlike prior years, why rant about HOW the WHAT will happen – just say what will happen!  So that’s what I am going to do.


North: Steelers (10-6)*, Bengals (10-6), Ravens (7-9), Browns (3-13)

South: Colts (11-5), Titans (9-7), Texans (9-7), Jaguars (6-10)

East: Patriots (11-5), Jets (8-8), Dolphins (7-9), Bills (6-10)

West: Broncos (13-3), Chargers (10-6), Chiefs (9-7), Raiders (2-14)

Wildcards: Chargers, Bengals

Wildcard Round: Steelers over Chargers, Colts over Bengals

Divisional Round: Broncos over Steelers, Colts over Patriots

AFC Title Game: Broncos over Colts



North: Packers (12-4), Bears (11-5), Lions (9-7), Vikings (5-11)

South: Saints (12-4), Panthers (10-6), Falcons (8-8), Buccaneers (6-10)

East: Eagles (11-5), Redskins (9-7), Giants (7-9), Cowboys (6-10)

West: Seahawks (13-3), 49’ers (11-5), Cardinals (7-9), Rams (5-11)

Wildcards: 49’ers, Bears

Wildcard Round: Packers over 49ers, Bears over Eagles

Divisional Round: Seahawks over Bears, Packers over Saints

NFC Title Game: Packers over Seahawks


Super Bowl XLIX:  Broncos over Packers 27-23


MVP – Aaron Rodgers

O POY – Rodgers

D POY – Luke Kuechly

O ROY – Blake Bortles

D ROY – Ryan Shazier

Coach of the Year – Chip Kelly

Lowe’s: In More Ways Than One – The Irony Of A Company Name

Lowe’s: In More Ways Than One
The LOWEST point of our home renovation

(July 1, 2013, my wife and I received the keys to our new home. A property that had been in the family for 90 years was ours, a place we would call home following our wedding on July 12. Over the past 14 months there have been a lot of highs and, unfortunately, a lot more ‘LOWE’s’. A renovation that was initially to be a coat of paint and new carpet turned in to a total demo and rebuild, nothing was spared! With that came the need for new HVAC, plumbing, electric, reframing, lighting, a new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, trim, baseboard, paint and so much more – including interior doors.)

I’ve never been a handyman and, I actually try to avoid this type of work at all costs. My wife is much better at it than me, mostly due to her patience and attention to detail. Don’t get me wrong, I can give everything a try but, this was something I really didn’t want to mess up. But fast forward to the list above that stated our needs. There are many options for building supplies and, among them all, we chose Lowe’s. Lowe’s, you know – the place that tells you to “Never Stop Improving.” Maybe they need to take a page out of their own book, because Lowe’s has become a thorn in our side, an enigma in the highest degree.

I don’t know the total amount of money we’ve spent at Lowe’s, but it’s been more than I had hoped. This would have been the case no matter where we would have shopped. The actual number is either just shy of or more than $10,000. To Lowe’s, as I have stated in tweets prior – “Our $10,000 to Lowe’s is a penny in Fort Knox.” Regardless, no customer should have to experience what we have in our home renovation process.

The incomplete – complete list of items we’ve purchased from Lowe’s includes (and I am sure this can be confirmed on ‘MyLowes’ card – then again, maybe not!):

• Materials to tile, grout, clean, caulk, etc. our kitchen, laundry room and master bathroom.
• Both our bathrooms, aside from 1 toilet
• More than 20 gallons of paint for the entire house
• Lumber
• Baseboard and trim for the entire house
• 15 interior doors – which will eventually be 16

This will ultimately refer back to the last items on the list, baseboard and doors. But our problems with Lowe’s go far beyond that. My final conclusion is that there is a systematical flaw in Lowe’s proverbial road-map. This includes everything from customer service to staffing, computer systems/networking, and overall structure.

There have been two instances (which I have openly tweeted about) in the past 3 months where Lowe’s has come up short in our expectations of the company – which suddenly aren’t high ones. The irony of the name is that our experience has been a tale of ‘lows’.


“Follow up to my earlier reply . Keep old checks and use for now . We are ordering new checks for you. Apparently Lowe’s system would not accept due to their policy but not because those checks are bad. Look for new checks at your house within 2 weeks . Call me with any other concerns. Keith”

Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

The first negative experience was with our tile and supply order, which was made days prior and scheduled for pick-up in advance. We were told “everything will be ready when you get here that day.” Well, that sure wasn’t the case! (see @BrianGulish & @DaynaGulish twitter feeds from July 13)

We spent more than an hour waiting for Lowe’s to find a forklift – or a forklift operator – to bring our order to the loading area. Now, if you tell someone you will have it ready, doesn’t that mean ready to pick-up? We received a $50 voucher for our time lost and maybe that was Lowe’s way of telling us to be happy and come back to spend a lot more than that $50!

Fast forward to Tuesday (August 26). We normally visit the Lowe’s in Robinson Township however, since we were at our home in Baden, we were closer to Monaca and chose that location. That evening we “purchased” 15 doors, 137 pieces of 8’ baseboard, 28 pieces of 12’ quarter round, door jambs, stops (or so I thought), shims, light fixtures, light bulbs, a toilet, a bathtub and a partridge in a pear tree! 2014-08-26 18.00.07

Several times I went over the order specifics, most notably the doors with the associate on hand. My carpenter was very clear on what was needed and quantities of each. So after about 30 minutes of choosing supply, employee “Rich” began setting up our order. While I was with Rich, my wife was in the bathroom section ordering a bathtub and toilette for delivery as well.

I called our carpenter to confirm everything on the list, which he did and mentioned to get shims, caulk, and the jamb kit as well. Rich understood and proceeded to enter the order. Once everything was entered, I was asked for my phone number, then headed to plumbing to help my wife finish that order, and then went to check out.

2014-08-27 09.23.52

We arrived at customer service and told the associate what we needed to do – return a light fixture we didn’t need, then confirm the order of doors, toilette, and tub, and then ring up the small items we were intending to take home with us at that time. Well, this was completely ignored and we were told – “we will do the return at the end.” Why not just give us store credit on the spot, then take it off our $3,500 order? So we did it her way…

This all took about 20 minutes to do and the line at customer service was backing out of the store! Everyone was giving us the “get the hell out of here look!” Once we finally had everything purchased and confirmed, it was time to pay. I knew that the balance on our Lowe’s card wouldn’t cover entire purchase and I was prepared to complete the purchase with a check from our equity line.

Once the balance was known after our card was swiped, I wrote the equity check out only to be told “it won’t accept your check.” I said “I’ve got more than enough balance to pay this number of 20 times.” So she ran the check again… and, again, “this isn’t working.” Finally, I gave her my debit card, ran the total and was set to head to my banker in the morning to transfer the money back in to our checking from our equity. With that, we left the Lowe’s 500 and set for home with me saying “I definitely better triple check this order.”
Wednesday morning I did just that and, to no surprise of mine, the entire door order was so badly incorrect it was more laughable than frustrating. After going through and figuring out what was right, what was wrong, and what needed corrected, I then sent out this series of tweets…

Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Here is what our @Lowes door order was supposed to be: 24″L, 24″R (4), 28″R (2), 30″R (4), 30″L (3), 32″L ….& after reviewing receipt 2day
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Here is what @Lowes gave us: 24″L, 24″R (5), 28″R (1), 30″R (3), 30″L (3), 32″L (2)…
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
$1,040.25 on doors from @Lowes and they got 2 of 6 quantity by item number right… this isn’t MLB, .333 average won’t cut it
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Total order from @lowes was $3,326.65 – as we also purchased toilet, tub, $1,238.48 worth of baseboard, $337.12 worth of 1/4 round.
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Plus other odds and ends… JUST ONCE, I would like to go to @lowes and not have a customer service issue.
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
We’ve spent more than $35,000 on our home renovation, including no less than $7,500 at @lowes for doors, trim, baseboard, bathroom, tile…
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
…supplies, lights for the entire house, paint for the entire house…each & every step of the way we’ve been loyal & naive I guess @Lowes
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
$7,500 is an understatement, more likely $10K. Absolutely disgusted with the constant cluster flub each and every visit
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
and they didn’t include the jam set or hole saw set for a door. @Lowes … ready to take our business “The power of the @HomeDepot ”
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Maybe if they weren’t understaffed at Monaca, PA store @Lowes wouldn’t have this problem. Poor kid was trying to help us & 3 others at once
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
I’ll go to the @lowes in Robinson and see if they can correct the invoice. Thought they’ll likely say “you have to go to Monaca…”

The final tweet during my breakfast rant is the most telling of all because, I knew what my fate would be 8 hours later and, sure enough after working through lunch to finish work an hour early to take care of this mess…

Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
And I will continue voicing my frustration with @Lowes here on Twitter. As was anticipated this morning, for no logical reason…
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
My order can’t be confirmed or changed, what I mean is CORRECTED at the @lowes in Robinson. Now I have to drive all the way to Monaca…
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Why can’t a @lowes store pull up a $3500 order from another Lowe’s store 20 miles away? Now I am inconvenienced even more due to your error!
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
All I needed to do was pull up order on your computer & correct quantity of purchased doors. But there is no internal network for @lowes ?
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
15 doors confirmed in person last night and in writing, but for some reason on receipt when reviewed this morning completely mangled! @lowes
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
I know our $10,000 spent on purchases for our new home may be a penny inside of Fort Knox to @lowes , but to us it was loyalty and business
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Fool me once it’s on me, fool me a second time it’s on me, fool me now a third time @Lowes and I’m going elsewhere. 3rd strike, I’m out.

And then a tweet sent to me by a friend and local newspaper writer…

Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
“@GoBobbo: @BrianGulish @Lowes ugh. That sounds awful. You’ve had a hellish experience with them, from what I recall.” It’s well documented!
Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • Aug 27
Seriously, how can a company as big as @Lowes not be able to change an order or confirm an order from a store 20 miles away?! #amazed

So, following my absolute disgust and amazement with the system or lack thereof at Lowe’s, I proceeded to drive from Robinson to Monaca to fix my problem which, in the end, is definitely a Lowe’s problem. Once I arrived, I live blogged everything that occurred for my record and to spotlight the problems I’ve had with Lowe’s from day 1.

* 4:00pm arrive at Lowe’s Monaca. Greeted nicely. Sent from customer service to building materials/doors. John is working with someone, told me to wait, “Mike will be back soon.”

* It’s now 4:03pm

* It’s now 4:08pm

*Only 1 person in this store is trained or competent to help me fix my order?! It’s now 4:10pm

* What if Lowe’s gave $100 off for each minute you waited, kind of like Domino’s 30 minutes or less deal.

* Another lady needs help pricing trim. John said “give me a few minutes.”

* I should be a mystery shopper and go in to all Lowe’s stores to see what happens. Lowe’s needs to be on undercover boss… I can do it for them. It’s now 4:13pm. If you don’t believe me, there’s a security camera here you can check, right?!

* AND NOW JOHN IS TAKING CUSTOMER X TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Standing here all alone and trim lady is visibly frustrated and walks away. It’s 4:15pm now!

* Maybe I can go on their computer and make the changes myself? No other employees walking past have checked on me, 6 of them now. It’s 4:17pm. This is FUN-ny.

2014-08-27 16.12.06

2014-08-27 16.12.20

* 2 more women just got here. Lori asked if I needed help. I said “I’m waiting on John.” Lori then went over the intercom and called for John to the desk over here. I told her he knows already and is in customer service. It’s 4:20pm… I should have captured all this on video.

*Mike has now arrived, I greeted myself because he didn’t. He sat down, going through papers with no urgency or concern for me, the customer. Here comes John – It’s 4:22pm… Both are here and NEITHER IS HELPING ME!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!

* Mike is talking to himself… Saying he is overwhelmed! I’ll do this tomorrow… (Whatever he is doing)… Both are ignoring me I guess! 4:24pm. Why am I not wearing a hidden camera?!

* Seriously, I am so close to being that guy who is just an ignorant POS! I’ll wait to see how long this goes on… It’s 4:26pm!

* 4:35pm and John now just realized I am waiting still and asked if I needed help… He is going through everything with me… He just said “Oh boy!”… I guess we have to refund the entire order from last night and re-enter everything/ not just the doors!!!!!! I feel like I’ll be here another hour. John is pulling item numbers now. And he has confirmed that the jamb kit and hole saw kit WEREN’T included!

* FYI, John and Mike didn’t realize neither was helping me. Make that a minus on staff communication… All things considered, John did go step-by-step with me to confirm numbers, 3 times. I’ll be sure to make it 5 before I leave! It’s 4:40pm.

* They really are going to have to refund everything, including tub and toilette??? This is a system breakdown, not staff… Other than whoever put my stuff in wrong last night… John is hustling right now. Props to him, and Mike is courteous on the phone right now.

* Just informed it could take WEEKS to get the baseboard in, not by Tuesday. Ok Lowe’s, I’m fired up now!!!! I was told Tuesday last night… John says “NO WAY!” Breakdown in the system big time! It’s 4:46pm.

* I’m trying to be reasonable right now.

* 4:57pm, just had carpenter on phone to confirm entire order and measurements with John. John’s a sport right now – but it should have never gotten to this point!

2014-08-27 16.57.14

* Why are there systematical breakdowns to this degree?! 5:00pm, here an hour now. John’s trying to get this 1×4 baseboard ordered. Why I was told last night it could be delivered by Tuesday is beyond me! They don’t even have enough in stock in the entire region! Now we are phone ordering item number 85819 from Empire. The count for this store is off – computer shows 35 are here in Monaca, John says there are only 10 – he counted. We may be able to have all this delivered by 9/9 or 9/10.

* It’s 5:04pn

*John just told me Rich shouldn’t have sold this to me last night.

* Now it’s time to re-enter order and refund/repay. What a waste of time and disaster! This’ll take an hour or more!

* Battery is dying! 5:09pm – I’ll update when I leave the desk back here.

2014-08-27 17.11.45

* Now John is getting pissed, computer not cooperating… It’s 5:12pm

* 5:18pm. Just told John the story of amazement why Robinson’s store couldn’t do this, he chuckled “Look at the computer system. They keep saying they are going to update it.”

* Doesn’t that tell you something Lowe’s?! Walking to customer service – 5:21pm – John said this could be good or bad, we’ll see!

2014-08-27 17.35.23

* 5:23pm

*5:34pm I am walking out. I will review everything when I get home, I have 5 receipts of transactions. This better ALL be good now.

2014-08-27 18.15.26

After reliving Wednesday’s experience again, I am just in awe by the breakdown that Lowe’s has in their system of operation both internally at one store, and externally from location to location. I can’t ask the question enough “WHY CAN’T THESE MODIFICATIONS BE MADE, ORDERS CHANGED/FIXED FROM ONE STORE FOR/TO ANOTHER?!”
Like times prior, as soon as I began tweeting to @Lowes, I receive replies from their Lowes Customer Care handle – @LowesCares. I am told to go to the “rant or rave” site. So I did, and I ranted! A few hours later I receive this email back from Lowes Customer Care…


2:05 PM – 8/17/14

Hello Brian,
I appreciate you reaching out to Lowe’s on Twitter and for sharing the issues that you have encountered while shopping with us. Any time a customer does not feel they received the service they deserve we want to address the situation. I understand your frustration and I want to make sure everything is remedied
I will be sharing your aggravation with the local senior store management team at the Monaca and Robinson Township, PA location. We will get this situation addressed. You will be contacted within 24 hours.
Thank you for choosing Lowe’s. I value you as a customer and I am grateful for the opportunity that you have given me to renew your trust in Lowe’s. If there is anything else I can help you with, please reply back to this email. I would be happy to assist you.
Susan R.
Lowe’s Customer Care

So, being me, I said to myself “Ok, I will give Lowe’s 24 hours.” And when 24 hours passed, I sent out this tweet at the Steelers game last night.

Brian Gulish @BrianGulish • 13h
@lowes sent email that they’ll be in contact within 24 hours… It’s been 28 now… I was being nice- now, the blog drops at 8AM.

Once I sent that out, I then get THIS email almost 33 hours later!

11:02 PM – 8/18/14

Brian, Hello My name is Mark Franks and I am an Assistant store manager at your Monaca Lowes. I am very sorry for the poor service you have received at our store in your recent visits. At Lowes we pride ourselves on providing great customer service to our customers in your case we have failed to do so. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If there is anything i can do to help resolve these issues please feel free to call me at the store 724-774-5144 ext 4802 or simply reply to this email. Once again I am sorry for the poor service and experience you had out our store.

Mark Franks
Assistant Store Manager
Monaca, Pa #500
ph 724-774-5144
fax 724-774-5350

I’m sorry, you are an ASSISTANT MANAGER? That may have been the worst email from a manager I’ve ever read in my life! Why am I to call YOU for starters?! What was this supposed to be, another attempt to silence my complaints? Sorry, this is unacceptable!

I could go on and on for days and days about the problems I’ve had with Lowe’s. At this point, I’m not sure it would make any difference. I’m not sure what Lowe’s pays to sponsor Jimmie Johnson but perhaps they should look in to using some of that money to invest in a better systematical network! There are issues with many things across the board at Lowe’s. Customer service, management, and most notably – internal/external networking capabilities. I am not sure if this will get any attention from Lowe’s but, it will be a clear example of why my business will be taken elsewhere IF this all is not addressed with me in depth by someone who makes decisions at Lowe’s.

Will update this blog if any new info comes in!


NEW INFO – But different problem!  2:04PM Friday August 29…

I just get a call/voicemail from George in Plumbing at Lowe’s… “Brian this is George at Lowe’s plumbing in Monaca.  I am having difficulty finding that tub.  Want to know the date of the start of your project…”

I call back and this is the LIVE TWITTER FEED OF THAT CALL…

It keeps getting better. So the tub we ordered Tuesday night @ – now I get a call that “they are having difficulty finding tub!”

Am I being Punk’d by or something?!?! Time to call George back.. AT LEAST HE CALLED ME! Manager just rambled an email off at 11PM!

I am on the phone – on hold for 2:55 now and twice I’ve been transferred to George in plumbing to no avail..this isn’t even good HOLD MUSIC!

On hold with for 3:50 now and someone in PAINT just picked up! That’s not GEORGE IN PLUMBING! 4:20 on hold now – still bad music

On hold now with Monaca for 5:22 and counting

Phone is ringing…. 6:00 now on hold or something!

George from Monaca called and told me to get back to him ASAP about tub – it’s been a 6:36 phone call right now

on hold for 7:00 now – I’ve been redirected to main line twice, painting once, and now ? 7:20

Now I am back to main operator – we are trying again… 7:40 now

George answered finally at 7:51

And now George tells me there are NO TUBS IN STOCK ANYWEHRE.. NOTHING UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15! … Everyone shows 3, has 1 …

To recap as my call with George ends… We paid for tub and set up delivery on Tuesday, today (Friday) I am told there are no tubs in stock

Is there a rule for ?!?!




When All Else Fails, WWE No Longer SHIELDED From The Truth

Last night, WWE Raw was much more important than initially meets the eye.  With all the struggles of World Wrestling Entertainment recently, including the low subscription numbers for the WWE Network and even lower WWE stock value, last night may have signaled the lowest point of them all – that being the lack of SUCCESSFUL young talent on the WWE roster and in NXT.

There is a distinct difference between being a talented wrestler and a talented superstar.  Being a talented wrestler means you are very good in the ring.  Being a talented superstar means you don’t have to be very good in the ring (although it is a bonus if you are), making up for it with your character, mic skills, and crowd endearment.

It is seemingly apparent to me that the WWE has a crop of talented young wrestlers, but clearly – and dearly, lacks young SUPERSTARS.  For every Bray Wyatt, there is a Bo Dallas.  Unfortunately for WWE, there are a plethora of Bo’s for every Bray.

Since the start of 2013, WWE has force fed many promising young superstars to us.  Fandango, Curtis Axel, Xavier Woods, Rusev, Adam Rose, and Bo Dallas.  Unfortunately, all these stars are one of two things – flavor of the week award winners or “what the hell was that” award winners.

Granted, the WWE has hit a couple home runs, but few game changers to say the least.  Bray Wyatt and the Shield (as a whole) have been sure bets since their debuts.  However, the jury is still out on many other sophomore and junior talents including Cesaro and Big E.

So, after dismantling the grandfathers of Evolution the past two pay-per-views/special events, WWE decides NOW is the time to disband the Shield, or at least relieve them of a member.  (I want to point out that I am not sure why everyone thinks this is the ‘end of the Shield.’  Evolution returned with three members, and one quit, and then Rollins joined if I recall.  So why can’t the Shield move forward with two members, possibly recruiting a third?)  Personally, I think the WWE felt they had no other choice but to unleash a bit of shock and awe in dire times.

If you truly think Seth Rollins is going to steal the spotlight, you are gravely mistaken- at least with Evolution he won’t.  While it may seem like a great idea to team Rollins with the COO of the WWE and the ‘face of the WWE’, how is Rollins expected to standout in a trio (assuming Batista doesn’t return, again) that includes 16 WWE Title and 9 World Heavyweight Championship reigns?

While HHH may give up a bit of the spotlight (I doubt it), Randy Orton is another story.  Since Batista returned to WWE and Evolution reformed after Wrestlemania XXX, Randy Orton has seemingly taken a backseat to all.  Again, please explain to me how this tradeoff will ultimately benefit Rollins?

At the end of the day, I believe the WWE felt they ran out of options.  This was a snap judgement move made due to the extremely thin pool of “superstars” on the current WWE roster.  Honestly, does the WWE have more than a half dozen true superstars?

Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, Rob Van Damn, Cesaro and more are all very good wrestlers and talent, but they lack that extra something special to stand out as a superstar.

For a long time, the WWE was ‘shielded’ from the truth.  They were able to get away with their anorexic roster of superstars, being bailed out by part-timers.  But now, with so many big names and part-timers either injured, retired, contractually taking time off, or quitting, the McMahon-Levesque empire had no other choice but to make a move.  A move that unfortunately has more cons than pros.

Have you asked why Rollins and not Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns?  It’s a simple answer, with one of the few pros being the fact that Rollins wasn’t a standout in the Shield, those honors went to the “leader” of the pack – Ambrose, and the “chosen one” – Reigns.  So the WWE felt it was best to give Rollins some fresh air, a new start, and a chance to create buzz when they needed to do so in a bad way.  However, I’m afraid I’ve …. no, I don’t want to overuse that line anymore.

If Rollins was 1-C in the Shield, what makes the WWE (or any of you who support the move) believe that he will be anything more than 1-C in Evolution?  And what comes out of this, a tag team match at Money In The Bank between Orton and Rollins vs. Ambrose and Reigns?  In the long run it is more than apparent that Reigns will have a high profile match at Summerslam, likely against Triple H.  Keep in mind, Reigns’ road to Wrestlemania XXXI already is in the fast lane to a potential main event match with whomever the champ is, or with his cousin, The Rock (who could be champ in a potential scenario, but lets beat that drum a different day!).

As for Ambrose, there are many ways his character can evolve, but there is too much meat on the Evolution/Shield bone to simply disband the Shield, now.  Which is again why I ask the question: Why do so many people think that the Shield has disbanded?  They haven’t and they won’t, at least not now.

Has anyone thought of the potential for Batista to return as a face and join the Shield?  For as bad a mistake it was to have Batista return as a face and win the Royal Rumble, this could be the fix the WWE needs for the man with the Red, White and Blue running through his veins!  Joining Ambrose and Reigns would surely give Batista the setting he would need to be a face, just as long as he shaves his head and stays off the mic.

No matter the next step or end result in last nights developments, this shocking twist can’t hide the facts that follows:

Daniel Bryan (WWE WHC) – Injured

CM Punk – MIA

Brock Lesnar – Vacation

Chris Jericho – Rockin’

The Rock – Fast & Furious 48

Undertaker – Defeated

THOSE ARE SUPERSTARS!  They all are currently not available for one reason or another.  And while John Cena is comparable to the sun as he always rises (sure, above hate), the WWE currently has a talent roster comparable to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins, when it needs to be the caliber of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays.

As Rollins’ position on the WWE roster continues to “evolve”, it’s hard to think this is the best blueprint for his potential success.  This could be another example of the WWE not letting the cards play themselves out, rather going all-in with pocket Jacks against pocket Aces and hoping for a bad beat on the river.  If you are going to BELIEVE in something – I think you’d want to NOT BoLieve, but rather continue to BELIEVE in the SHIELD!




Predicted 2014 Steelers Schedule

Just a guess, but here is my take on how the 2014 Steelers schedule will look. 


Week 1 – @ Tennessee 1PM (They have a knack for starting the season vs. the Titans)

Week 2 – H Tampa Bay 1PM (Because there’s always that early NFC opponent)

Week 3 – @ New York Jets 1PM (If the Jets were expected to be good, this game would be in December)

Week 4 – @ Baltimore MNF (Wraps up a traveling 1st quarter of the season.  The Steelers always get bombarded with December home games.)

Week 5 – H Kansas City 430P (Just because – not too many division games stacked early in the season.  This could also be any other AFC South team – JAX or HOU)

Week 6 – H New Orleans SNF (October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the NFL’s A Crucial Catch campaign with the American Cancer Society.  Drew Brees and the Saints always have big involvement with the initiative and the Steelers draw TV ratings.  This would be a great PR and awareness tool on Sunday night across the country)

Week 7 – @ Cleveland 1P (After 2 weeks at home, this is a close road game, taking the Steelers in to the bye.  They also need another division game and Cincy would be too high profile after the Saints.)

Week 8 BYE

Week 9 – H Houston 1P (filler game after the bye)

Week 10 – @ Cincinnati 1P (This probably should and could be a prime time game, but I see them holding that for the end of the year.  Plus, this is the week I can see the Steelers also having a Thursday night game, thus giving them the early game extends their short week a few hours)

Week 11 – H Indianapolis TNF (Luck’s first trip to Pittsburgh, prime time, NFL network – of course they want to control Luck vs. Roethlisberger)

Week 12 – @ Atlanta 1P (Just because – and it will be on the road after mini-bye)

Week 13 – @ Carolina 1P (Highly unlikely to face NFC division foes back-to-back but, I need to do some shuffling to find a better alternative.  If not this, then I can see this being swapped with the Jacksonville game I have slated for week 16)

Week 14 – H Cleveland 1P (Division game onslaught per NFL scheduling practices begins NOW)

Week 15 – H Baltimore SNF (Two prime time games vs. the Ravens I can see as unlikely, which means the only other game here is Cincy – and then have the Steelers finish with the Ravens at home week 17)

Week 16 – @ Jacksonville 1P (See week 13)

Week 17 – H Cincinnati 430P (See week 15)


…. after reviewing this – I will make all changes indicated – so here is a better educated guess -aka hypothesis!

@-Tennessee, H-Tampa, @NYJ, @Baltimore, H- Kansas City, H – New Orleans, @Cleveland, BYE, H-Houston, @Cincinnati, H-Indianapolis, @Atlanta, @Jacksonville, H- Cleveland, H- Cincinnati, @Carolina, H- Baltimore.


I can see the Steelers going 2-1 or 3-0 heading in to the Ravens game week 4.  After that, they have a tough stretch against the Ravens, Chiefs, and Saints.  Being .500 after week 6 would be a positive, 4-2 would do them just fine.  Take down the Browns and get to the bye at either 4-3 or 5-2.  After the bye, Houston is a mystery, but then they have the Bengals and Colts – both possible losses.  6-4 after week 10 would set them up to control their own destiny, especially with all the division games at the end of the season.  Atlanta and Jacksonville are both highly winnable and could get the Steelers to 8-4.  Then, pending a meltdown, can assure a +.500 season with a win at home against the Browns.  after that, all bets are off.  They better be 9-4, because Cincinnati, Carolina, and Baltimore can be three straight L’s.  9-7 is what I foresee this team, but a slip here or there and they can be 7-9.  Best case, they steal a few games vs. Cincy and Baltimore.  11-5 would be that best case.

The “Excellence of Independent Wrestling”

Less than one week removed from an epic journey to New Orleans for Wrestlemania XXX, I was on hand Saturday night in Meadville, PA for the International Wrestling Cartel’s (IWC) “Night of the Superstars 3.”

Comparing Meadville to New Orleans isn’t fair.  Comparing IWC to WWE isn’t fair.  However, comparing the overall festive atmospheres and crowd appreciation is fair.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. Saturday I began the 90 minute journey north from Pittsburgh to Meadville on interstate 79.  Riding shotgun and joining me for the evening was my wife, Dayna, who had never been to an IWC show.  She also joined me in New Orleans, along with the Chair Shot Reality team, for our Wrestlemania weekend of events that included a Q&A with Matt Striker, a ‘Mania Sunday crawfish boil with Matt Hardy, and one hell of a weekend of fun!

Matt Striker joining the CSR crew and VIP guest Blake Mitchamore at Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans.

Matt Striker joining the CSR crew and VIP guest Blake Mitchamore at Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans.


I wasn’t sure how Dayna would take in her first IWC event, explaining to her that it would be much different than Wrestlemania or Raw, with its smaller crowds and lesser known wrestlers.  She asked many questions during our commute to Meadville Middle School including ‘what cutting a promo was’ when I explained to her that Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar (also an IWC manager) would be cutting a promo tonight, along with his client RJ City.  She also was curious about the Steiner Brothers, AJ Styles, and Bret “Hitman” Hart – all who would be on the card that evening.

Most of my answers were simple for me to explain, but to someone just getting in to this thing known as ‘sports entertainment’, it was not as easy for her to understand.  It’s hard to ever find something Dayna can’t understand, as she is definitely the brains of this marriage, earning her master’s degree from the prestigious Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

We arrived in Meadville just after 5:00 p.m. and the venue was already jammed packed for the VIP meet and greet.  We entered through the back to join LaBar, along with IWC guests for the weekend, Trevor and Amber Ellison.  The Ellison’s were in town from Riverton, Wyoming for a weekend of wrestling in Pittsburgh.  Both Trevor and Amber are fans of CSR, and Trevor is now and forever WINNING his battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Shortly after learning about Trevor’s diagnosis, we reached out to Amber about surprising Trevor with a trip to Pittsburgh to be on CSR and take in Night of the Superstars.

Trevor and Amber Ellison

Trevor and Amber Ellison from Riverton, Wyoming!


IWC owner Chuck Roberts gave us his blessing to invite the Ellison’s to the event that evening, with VIP access to several of the superstars, as well as preferred seating.  Chuck also made Trevor a special guest ring announcer for the evening!  Recently, Chuck’s mom lost her courageous battle with cancer, and her memory will forever live on with Chuck’s dedicated and tireless work to put on some of the best entertainment you will find on the independent wrestling scene.

Trevor serving as guest ring announcer for the Striker v. Fish match!

Trevor serving as guest ring announcer for the Striker v. Fish match!

On to the event itself, top to bottom, there was not a single lull in the evening!  The sold out crowd of more than 2,000 was enthusiastic from the moment the doors opened to the gymnasium.  The wrestling card for the evening was stacked, and kicked off with Chuck welcoming everyone to Night of the Superstars, thanking everyone for their support and what the evening meant to the Meadville Middle School, which the show benefited.  He also apologized for the 45 minute delay to the start of the event, as there were still nearly 100 people waiting to meet Bret Hart at the VIP meet and greet.

“I would like to apologize to you for the delay in tonight’s action however, it is only fair to give those who paid to meet Bret Hart their opportunity to do so.  Each and every one of you tonight deserve the best, and I will make sure the best is what you get!” (PARAPHRASED)

Then, the night kicked off with a three way dance which saw the “Neon Ninja” Facade come out victorious while overcoming all odds.  The opening match was followed by one of the wildest 8-man tag matches I have ever seen that was not on a Survivor Series card.  The overly-entertaining team of Keith Haught, Bronco McBride, Jay Flash and Gregory Iron defeated the Sexy Talented Dudes (STD’s) with various high-risk moves, greatly thought-out double, triple, and even quadruple-team moves, and comedy that had everyone from 5 years old to 75 years old laughing with tears!

The first appearance for LaBar on the evening was with his “new client” Matt Taven.  I’ve seen Taven on several occasion’s over the past year and he is one of the great young talent’s in ALL of professional wrestling.  The longest reigning Ring of Honor Television Champion was set for battle against the IWC World Heavyweight Champion, Dalton Castle.  While this match was third on the card, it was WWE pay-per-view worthy.

Longest reigning TV Champ in ROH history!

Longest reigning TV Champ in ROH history!


With a crowd that was on fire, The Founding Fathers were out next for a match against Asylum and Rocky Reynolds.  Again, another match and not a single disappointing moment in the action.

The final match of the first half of the show brought LaBar to the ring once more, this time with the ever so eloquent on the microphone – IWC Super Indy Champion, who prefers to be called the Super Entertainment Champion, RJ City.  However, City’s super entertainment on the mic was cut short by the “Excellence of Execution” Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart!  This was one of the highlights of my night, not seeing Bret this close, and live, since a house show at the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh back in the early 90’s.  Then, I sat ringside and got a high five from Hart at the end of his match.  This time, I sat 7 rows up in the bleachers and took in the sight, the moment, and all the energy of the Hitman’s appearance!

RJ City and Justin LaBar taking over the IWC ring!

RJ City and Justin LaBar taking over the IWC ring!


After a great speech to the crowd, in which he thanked the fans for coming out and supporting not only the IWC, but also the Meadville Middle School, Hart then sat in the corner of his nephew Davey Boy Smith Jr.  The bout between City and Smith was great, the finesse of City against the power and experience of Smith.  When it was all said and done, Smith had scored the pinfall, but in a display of wisdom and creative genius, City was able to ‘plant’ brass knuckles in Smith’s trunks, leaving the ref no choice but to call for a reverse decision and disqualification of Smith, giving City the win.

The Excellence of Execution addressing the IWC fans.

The Excellence of Execution addressing the IWC fans.


Next up was intermission, which included the chance to get in to the ring and snap a photo with the Steiner Brothers!  I for one have been a fan of the Dog Faced Gremlin and Big Poppa Pump since the late 1980’s!  Seeing them live for the first time was awesome.  It was also awesome seeing nearly a quarter of the audience take the opportunity for pictures with Rick and Scott.  While it did drag on, it also raised money for a great cause!

Following intermission was a one-on-one bout between Bobby Fish and Matt Striker.  This match was especially meaningful to me on several levels.  For one, I have been privileged over the past 5 months to get to know Striker outside the ring.  His knowledge of the business and advice has been priceless.  The way he interacts during an appearance, a match, and in person is always professional and with great respect.  Not only has he been a guest on CSR, he was also part of our CSR meet and greet in New Orleans at Spirits on Bourbon.  Aside from the great insight he shared to the crowd on Bourbon, he takes the time to truly appreciate the fans.

Not only did Striker call up a young fan who attended our event in New Orleans, thanking his father for getting his son in to wrestling, he also met and talked with both Trevor and Amber on Saturday prior to the show.  In New Orleans, we gave Matt the background on Trevor and without hesitation he said “please let me know if there is anything I can do.”  Sure enough on Saturday afternoon, Matt took significant time to sit with Trevor and learned first hand what Trevor’s story was.  From my point of view, there aren’t many in the business I have more respect for than Matt Striker.

Matt Striker taking time to chat with the Ellison's and learn more about Trevor's fight.  Here, Matt is watching the CSR surprise invite to Trevor!

Matt Striker taking time to chat with the Ellison’s and learn more about Trevor’s fight. Here, Matt is watching the CSR surprise invite to Trevor!


Fish and Striker went on to amaze the crowd, even including the referee for several entertaining spots!  While Striker took the loss, he will forever be a winner in and out of that 20 by 20 foot squared circle.


Striker tweeting out to Trevor following the show.

Next up was The Steiner Brothers, who joined Jimmy Nuts, to take on Team Big League.  Again, seeing the Steiner Brothers for the first time was something I won’t soon forget.  All the signature moves, aside from a frankensteiner, were brought out for this one.  The classic Rick Steiner “woof woof woof” was heard loud by all.  The flexing of the Big Bad Booty Daddy, culminating with an elbow drop, pull up pin, and push-ups made the fans thunderous with applause!  Ending this bout was Rick coming off the top rope for a classic Steinerizer!


2014-04-12 22.44.05

Big Poppa Pump – Scott Steiner

2014-04-12 22.40.47

The Dog Faced Gremlin – Rick Steiner


And then, it was main event time.  Making his return to the IWC was “The Sensational” AJ Styles.  The two-time IWC Super Indy Champ sqaured off against Anthony Nese in a bout billed “First Time Ever!”  Hopefully, it won’t be the last.  From bell to bell the action was phenomenal, with moves precisely executed and sold with authority.  This was also the first time I saw Styles live and he was everything I thought he would be, and more.  The ending to this match was something fit for a Wrestlemania card.

Nese missed a 450 splash from the top rope, to which styles began a vicious comeback with a series of chops and kicks, culminating with a Styles Clash!  For 35 seconds, the crowd didn’t know whether to cheer in excitement or stay silent in appreciation.  Once Styles secured the one-two-three, the entire venue erupted with cheers.  I was fortunate enough to record the finish on my phone and immediately watched it over and over again.  Dayna was also very impressed, and perhaps left wanting more of this thing called sports entertainment.

On this night, entertainment was abound with non-stop action, which no doubt “totally” could stand toe-to-toe with a few of the more televised and advertised wrestling companies.  After my first and second IWC shows, I was able to appreciate what went in to the events from a behind-the-scenes perspective.  Saturday night, I was able to take in the crowd, the action, and the EXCELLENT ENTERTAINMENT!  Once again, I would strongly suggest visiting to learn more about the promotion, it’s extremely talented stars, and when you can next see these great young stars in action.