2015 Royal Rumble Predictions

It’s been 72 hours since we were in the studio producing Chair Shot Reality for this weekend. @JustinLaBar @JoshIsenberg4 @LadyNexus13 and I (@BrianGulish) discussed possibility after possibility of what SHOULD happen tonight in Philadelphia.

And then The Rock decided to post a photo of himself in South Philly and all the PoonTang Pie hit the fan!

While the WWE has confirmed 20, now 17 Royal Rumble participants, there are a lot of RETURNS that could be imminent – key word, COULD… here are the names that might make this year’s Royal Rumble the best, ever!

Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Bo Dallas
Randy Orton
…with Sting comes HHH…
The Rock

What about Hulk Hogan one last time… or, seeking revenge for Monday night’s attack at the hands of the Big Show – what about Ric Flair?! No stone should be left unturned when preparing for tonight’s event. NOT EVEN THE CM PUNK stone… yes, while it may be about a .00005% chance, it will be one year ago tonight that we last saw Punk in a WWE ring.

If logical thinking plays out – Sting and Rock WON’T be in the Rumble match itself. I still believe that Daniel Bryan DOES NOT need to win the Rumble. Do you really think the WWE cares if the arena is booing because Daniel Bryan is eliminated? NO! With that said, here are my Rumble Entrant predictions and odds – then who I think will win.

1. Roman Reigns 3-1
2. Daniel Bryan 4-1
3. Rusev 8-1
4. Bad News Barrett 25-1
5. Bray Wyatt 12-1
6. Dean Ambrose 12-1
7. Goldust 125-1
8. Stardust 125-1
9. Big Show 16-1
10. Kane 20-1
11. Miz 75-1
12. Mizdow 74-1
13. R-Truth 150-1
14. Dolph Ziggler 15-2
15. Ryback 10-1
16. Fandango 100-1
17. Luke Harper 80-1
18. Erick Rowan 90-1
19. Rob Van Damn 65-1
20. Chris Jericho 55-1
21. Cesaro 77-1
22. Kofi Kingston 125-1
23. Adam Rose 150-1
24. Bunny 149-1
25. Bo Dallas 125-1
26. Curtis Axel 115-1
27. Jack Swagger 87-1
28. The Rock 19-1
29. Randy Orton 19-1
30. Sting 19-1

Depending on when the Royal Rumble match takes place – John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Brock Lesnar ALL could be entrants depending who is champion. If the Triple Threat match goes on before the Rumble Match, two of the three will not have the title and will be looking to attain it. However, if the Rumble match goes on before the title match, that would eliminate those three possibilities. I think the WWE must make the title match last. If Sting is involved, it will be in one match or the other, not both. I could see Sting actually make a surprise entrance in the Rumble, eliminating Kane, Big Show, and then Triple H coming down to the ring and though not it the match, eliminate Sting – further advancing their Wrestlemania storyline.

If the Rock appears, I would love to see him in the final 4, along with Reigns, Rusev and ? I think that, if you don’t have Rock vs. Reigns in a high profile match to where the Rock puts over his cousin, they can do it in the Rumble match. The Rock doesn’t even need to be in the ring at the end and eliminated by Reigns, it can be done earlier. I could see the Rock enter, clear the ring, lay the smackdown – and then Rusev could eliminate Rock, followed by Reigns eliminating Rusev… OR, Reigns eliminating Rock – then Rusev eliminating Reigns… which would lead to a Daniel Bryan v. Rusev showdown as the final 2.

There are so many options on the table for the WWE, the question is which option they will pick. WHO will headline Wrestlemania? Will it be Brock Lesnar as champion? Will it be John Cena as champion? The one thing I am sure of, unless he cashes in MITB after the title match tonight, it won’t be Seth Rollins.

Last 10 in the Rumble..
10. Big Show
9. Kane
8. Dolph Ziggler
7. Dean Ambrose
6. Bray Wyatt
5. Randy Orton
4. Daniel Bryan
3. The Rock
2. Rusev
1. Roman Reigns

What I want to see happen –

Last 4 – Daniel Bryan, The Rock, Rusev, Roman Reigns

Rusev eliminates Daniel Bryan
Rusev eliminates The Rock
Reigns eliminates Rusev

If, IF, the crowd boo’s because Bryan is eliminated, at least Rusev gets the heat – and he quintuples that heat by eliminating the Rock. Roman Reigns, the next John Cena – vs. Rusev, the biggest villain on the block. Reigns saves the day and wins the Royal Rumble.

Rusev vs. Daniel Bryan is set
Rock mentoring Reigns is set

In a second scenario I would like to see happen, put Rock and Sting in the ring at the same time, along with Reigns and Bray Wyatt… quite frankly, the fourth person in addition to Rock, Sting, Reigns doesn’t matter… As Sting clears the ring of Authority members (especially IF Rollins is champion by this point in the night), Triple H comes to the ring and causes Sting to be eliminated in some capacity. The last three would be Rock, Wyatt (or whoever), and Reigns. The final two would be Reigns and Rock… Rock puts over his cousin, setting up the new face of the WWE coming to headline Wrestlemania.

What WILL happen, because it’s the WWE….


Sting could add to his legacy by being the only person to win both Battle Bowl and the Royal Rumble.

Maybe Big Show is in the final four for no damn reason. Maybe Dolph gets that push? Maybe Bryan wins… I wish I knew the lineup of the card because that changes everything – which match is held last – the Rumble or the Title match?

Regardless, the possibilities are endless and tonight’s Royal Rumble – aside from the under-card, will be one of the best, if not best, ever!


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