WWE Drops the ‘Bat’ with Sting DVD

The WWE had the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Sting to the WWE fan base, 21-45, while also having an even better opportunity to introduce Sting to the young WWE fans who may have never seen, let alone heard of the Stinger.  This face painted ‘Little Stinger’ was letdown.  I was let down more than the little Hulkamanics were at Bash at the Beach 1996… and that was historic.

The Best of Sting – 3 disc DVD was nothing more than a quick money making venture for the WWE off of the Sting trademark.  Hell, you know you were in for a fraud when Jeff Farmer, aka the NWO Sting, was on the back cover.  Surely the WWE production team didn’t think it was great marketing to place a phony on the back cover of the real thing!  And they didn’t think it- matter of fact, the obviously didn’t care to think or proof the DVD cover to cover.

Aside from Disc 1, the DVD was nothing more than a collaboration of matches that can be viewed on the WWE Network – for only $9.99.  I paid $21 to get this “exclusive” DVD with special footage, etc.  I very much enjoyed the early days of Sting.  Matches from the mid to late 80’s, but then I received a Rude Awakening when nothing more than a few WCW Saturday Night and Nitro matches were on discs 2 and 3.

The biggest transformation of character in professional wrestling history was barely covered.  I wanted behind the scenes footage of Sting preparing to take on the NWO, I wanted the story behind the character change, I wanted to know why the Starrcade 97 main event was an absolute let down.  Sure, I know – Sting came in 10 pounds overweight and pale – but that had nothing to do with his performance in the match.  It had nothing to do with the booking of the match.  It had everything to do with Hulk Hogan being in control of ever aspect of WCW.

I did realize after watching that the NWO Wolfpac version of Sting was very cool and, could have been even better.  He came out of his “Crow” shell – he talked trash and was even ” a little cocky!”  I don’t know what I am reaching for at the end of the day but, I do know I will be reaching for my receipt to return the DVD ASAP!  Someone call me when the REAL Biography of STING is released by the WWE.  I wanted MORE interviews and insight from Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Vader, Mick Foley, Steve Austin AND, the man called STING himself.  Giving me Sting interviews from 95 and 98 was a joke.  If the WWE is going to parade Sting around right now at Summerslam, do yourselves a favor and interview him for his own ‘BEST OF’ DVD!

If you have purchased the DVD, what are your thoughts?  If you haven’t, DON’T!  You can save $11 by paying $9.99 for the WWE network.  You can also go to YouTube and pull that matches that are on the DVD.  If this were the rotten tomatoes movie review, the Sting DVD would get a 3 of 10… with no Bret Hart restart for a fast – slow, Nick Patrick count!

Disclaimer – I didn’t proofread this post – then again, I don’t think it matters- since the WWE surely didn’t proof the Sting DVD!




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